Bryan Christopher (“Chris”) Turner

5737 Diana Drive

Garland Texas 75043

Cell: (214) 356-2059


Apogee Software Ltd / 3D Realms Entertainment

4809 Beltline Road #111

Mesquite Texas 75150

April 1994 - Present

April 1994

  • Started an entry level position doing Customer Support for computer games via telephone.

January 1995

  • Customer Support via faxing and postal mail was added to my daily responsibilities

March 1996

  • Internet Support (email and on-line) added to daily responsibilities.

  • Wrote the Linux bash scripts that we used until 2006 that would let a customer email and receive interactive emails back for self-help support and assistance.

  • Started processing all mail and fax orders entering them in the database, filling them, and mailing them.

August 1998

  • Added all aspects of office manager. Handled ordering of all office supplies and equipment.

January 2000

  • Became the System Administrator for companies in house Red Hat Linux Web Server.

February 2002

  • Expanded web server to 3 Fedora Servers running 10 Domain's and the companies Forum server.

  • Managed a Jira task management server

  • Created and maintained a Subversion server that would later handle 100s of Gigs of Art/Code/Maps for the computer game Duke Nukem Forever.

July 2004

  • Became Assistant to Vice President of Operations. Started handling reconciling of companies American Express Statements, Bank Statements, On-line Sales Reports.

December 2006

  • Managed the move of all web servers to an off site hosting company. Set up Fire Wall, Access Control, as well wrote scripts to monitor all the logs for any suspicious activity.

January 2009

  • Created and launched a new on-line store for the company that is a low maintained store high visibility on-line store.

April 2011

  • Handled all bank statements including the use of Quicken and all banking responsibilities.

  • Became responsible for paying all of the companies bills/debts.

July 2012

  • Took over as Project leader for small iPhone games to be released at a later date, Coordinated party's working on the games from home on each other's status.

June 2014

  • Helped with the transition of the Sale of 3D Realms to its new owners. Assisted with the movement of the websites and all financial as well as the closing of the offices and general shut down.

Pegasus Web Hosting - Owner / Sole Proprietor

Garland Texas

February 1997 - Present

  • Run and secure 3 Linux servers open to the public with 60 Domains and 30+ Customers

  • Update and continuously check servers for any illegal activity, as well as illegal access and security flaws.

  • Took over and maintain a php Base Billing management system for automatically Sending monthly billing notices to customers and using it to keep up with all accounting


  • Mid-range Accounting Skills

  • Fluent with updating and maintaining security of open Linux and windows web servers.

  • Team player as well as capable of working independently

  • Quick learner, grasp new concepts and able to adapt to change and Self Starter

Technical Skills

  • OS: Dos: MSDos (all versions), DrDos; Windows: 3.11 – Vista/XP/7-8, ; Linux Platform: Ubuntu, Red Hat, Debian, Fedora, Gentoo, Mint, Xubuntu, CentOS, and Symbian.

  • PROGRAMMING: basic, Perl, Bash, Light Java & C++

  • SERVER APPLICATIONS: Windows Server 2003 w/ Active Directory ,IIS, Exchange; Linux Server Platform w/ LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)

  • WEB DEVELOPMENT/EDITORS: HTML, CSS and PHP; CS3, Notepad++ v.5.4.2, Nano, Joe, EditPad Pro.

  • HARDWARE: Desktop builds, repairs & upgrades; Laptop repairs & upgrades; HD reformats, partitioning, recovery; HP & Xerox printers; Driver installations, troubleshooting.

  • NETWORKING: Cisco VPN, Remote Desktop, LAN, Wireless and Wired routers, Windows/Linux/Mac networking.

  • TICKETING SYSTEM: Jira, Bugzilla and TaskFreak V1 & V2

  • ACCOUNTING SOFTARE: Quicken (Home and Business), KmyMoney2, Gnucash

  • All versions of Office including Open Office and LibreOffice

References provided upon request